Simmental Sires


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Top Notch’s Genetic Line

Top Notch is the exciting result of $55,000 Sandeen Upper Class crossed on HSF Victoria P30, who has had over $350,000 in offspring sales and reigns as the leading donor for Hecksels of Minnesota, and the producer of another successful donor phenomena, HSF Baby Doll W959. Sandeen Upper Class was valued at $55,000 for half interest, and comes from a cow family that is second to none. His dam, breed legacy, Donna 7386, commanded an impressive $140,000 selling to astute cattleman Nick Sloup of Nebraska. His powerhouse maternal grand dam brought an astounding $100,000. Top Notch is loaded with exceptional mass and performance in a moderate made easy-keeping package. His width and massive rib shape afford him the ability to moderate cattle without moderating weaning weight. Top Notch is a breed changer.


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North Force’s Genetic Line

Northern Force is the pinnacle of perfection in terms of power, performance and phenotype. His width, depth, and overall mass is unsurpassed by any bull on the ranch which is reflected in his real world numbers. He is the result of a mating of two of the elite individuals in the Simmental breed. His donor dam is a beautiful long-bodied, deep-sided female with a perfect udder and flawless structure who has proven to be our most productive purchase from Griswolds in terms of dollars and pounds. Her first heifer to sell, Yardley Blitz, was a crowd favorite, selected by Brent White of Iowa for $16,500. C302’s $25,000 sire, Northern Octane, is out of Kappes’s leading donor female, Kappes Sadie T635. Here is a bull that has all the right parts in all of the right places, and one that is certain to increase weaning weight and improve quality!


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Lover Boy’s Genetic Line

We went to the Denver Stockshow and wanted to buy the Simmental Purebred we liked the best. We looked at about all of them there. There are so many bulls of all breeds that have bad feet and a lot of people aren’t paying any attention to it. Their hooves are either too small or many of them have outside back toes that curl under or else they toe out on front. We have tried to watch this very closely because our cows have to walk and trail the year around as many of yours do. We finally found one at the last minute. He looked good every place you looked at him with no holes in him and the best feet we had seen on any bull in the show. We had to catch a plane to go home and we gave them a check for $25,000 for him about 3 or 4 minutes before he was to show and left for the airport. HE WAS PICKED GRAND CHAMPION SIMMENTAL OF THE SHOW! He is one of the deepest made bold ribbed Simmentals we have encountered.


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This fancy ½ blood was Grand Champion Simmental bull wherever shown at the Nebraska State Fair, Iowa State Fair, The American Royal, Kansas City, North American in Louisville, and the greatest of all stock shows the National Western in Denver. He’s about perfect in his phenotype. My good friend Stan Sears from California and I were watching them judge the show and when he won we decided to buy him. He is by Steel Force out of an OCC Legend daughter. He had a 64# birth weight so we bred him to quite a few heifers. He cost us $15,000. He really held his flesh well after we turned him out to breed.

Owned with Stan Sears.


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Titanium is one of the deepest bodied, biggest ribbed individuals we have ever raised. He was the $20,000 high selling individual in our 2016 offering selected by renown NLC Simmental Ranch. His deep bodied, maternal powerhouse donor dam records the highest performance record of any cow on the ranch with nine calves averaging 769# at weaning, four of these were heifers. His elite maternal grand dam averaged an impressive 722#WWs on eleven head. His sire, Real Steel, was the Grand Champion Simmental bull at the Nebraska State fair, the Iowa State fair, The American Royal, the NAILE, and The National Western. Here is pounds in the right package. You will love him.


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Clear Vision C266 has been a stand out and a favorite from day one. His blaze face, great neck extension, perfect hair and curve bending numbers with his massive depth, width, and bone make him a true outlier. C266 is sired by deceased Shocking Dream, who is also the sire of STCC Long Haul, and out of a stand our first calf heifer. C266 had an impressive 793#WW.

Owned with Bill Carsten Hodgkiss.


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High Roller’s Genetic Line

T164 is a beautiful designed, perfect uddered, big bodied, no-miss Angus herd matron that has produced several top notch calves including the pick of our ’14 calf crop, Yardley Aspen. She flat out works with whatever we cross her to. High Roller is the result of mating her to High Regard who has produced sale toppers and purple ribbon winners across the Nation including Griswold’s high selling heifer at $54,000! You’ll love the amount of depth, dimension and real world performance of High Roller. He’s sure to produce high dollar offspring come spring.


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Man O’ War’s Genetic Line

From the mountains of Utah, and the legendary Gib Yardley comes Man O’ War. He’s the kind to build a legend around. He has perfect conformation and phenotype. His sire was the leadoff bull in Denver, his mother is the definition of the kind of female you want as a cookie cutter mold. His great-great-great granddam is the dam of Yardley Whirl of a Dream, this is cow family GENERATIONS DEEP WITH QUALITY! Top selling bull for $25,200 1/2 Interest to our good friends and great cattlemen Barker Cattle Co. Elba, Idaho.


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Yardley Gib is the real deal all the way around. He’s named after the legend himself, my dad, Gib. He has the look, the potential, and the pedigree to produce the show stopping kind. He is sound as a cat, big topped, big footed, with plenty of look and style. Search the nation over, you just don’t find purebreds this good! His elite and highly productive dam has averaged over 700# WWs on five calves, with a weaning weight ratio of 106.

Owned with Will Rincker and Griswold Cattle Co.


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Joy’s Elegance was Grand Champion in Denver in the Junior show and matured into as picture perfect cow as she was show heifer. A true test of a great show heifer doesn’t come in the showing, it comes in her ability to produce and transmit the same look and quality in her offspring. Joy’s produced $106,000 in progeny sales this past year on four head with one of the most consistent flushes ever produced at Griswold Cattle. The two yearling heifers produced are proving to be as competitive in the show ring as their great dam. Nickels n’ Dimes is big topped and complete with plenty of rib, dimension, style and power with a killer look. This is the kind of bull to change a program with!

Owned with Griswold Cattle.


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Y1 High Regard was the $30,000 high selling bull in our 2010 sale to John Goken and Dale Werning Families of SD. Sired by Yardley Impressive x Y1 Pinion. The calves sired by High Regard are stout, cool made, and consistent. He is siring sale toppers across the country demanding as much as $100,000. Another daughter was just crowned Grand Champion at the prestigious and tough Simmental Junior Nationals, the American Royal and Denver. High Regard hails from generations of good uddered, broody made females. They are real world cattle that will work in the show ring and we know will work in the pasture. As a complete outcross to Dream On he is the go to sire for functional, consistent quality.

Yardley High Regard is powerful the whole way through, but keeps the soft look through his rib and muscle shape. He’s a big footed stomper that fills in his step, super sound and correct on his front and rear wheels.  He had a 17.1 ribeye area, 3.67 % IMF, and 40 inch scrotal as a yearling. Zane Yardley has AI’d our cows for over twenty years. M211 on the bottom side of this pedigree was one of his favorite cows. Outcross pedigree with power and style make this bull a favorite. He was the $30,000 high selling bull in our 2010 sale to John Goken and Dale Werning Family. He was a crowd favorite with many contending bidders.


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We consider this bull one of the best we have ever raised. I am as critical a bull buyer as there is in the country and there isn’t a single thing I don’t like about Utah. He has perfect phenotype every place you look at him. I don’t like high tailed. I want them square over the tail head and he is. We consider his dam to be the perfect built, moderate sized cow and as pretty and good as any cow we own. His beautifully designed maternal grand dam was a stellar $7,700 feature in our sale that sold to Greg Kroupa of White Lake, SD. Utah has experienced great success in our program and at Wernings in Emery, SD with several calves selling for over $15,000. A daughter of his was crowned Champion at the West Virginia State Fair.

Owned with Griswold Cattle Co, Werning Cattle Co, Trennepohls.


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When I had the opportunity to walk through the ’15 Werning offering Fully Loaded 654B was the stand out higher percentage bull to sell. He is bold in his design, loaded with meat and muscle, and sound as a cat on his feet and legs. He is a highly productive son of the curb bending $47,000 Lock N Load. He had an 87# BW, 850# WW, 1,426# YW, 38 Scrotal. His carcass data was equally impressive. The combination of phenotype, performance and carcass combine to make Fully Loaded a must have package.


Contact Steven at 435-310-1725 for more information and availability.


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Billy the Kid did not disappoint. He has sired a group of calves second to none. They are big bodied, stout made, and there just isn’t any throw aways in them. They exhibit a soft made, easy doing look that is popular in everyone’s cow base. Billy the Kid was a member of Grindstone Creek Farms Pen of Three in Denver 2011. He has quickly earned a place in our Herd sire pen. You’re going to fall in love with his daughters at our Focus on the Female sale.


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Whirl of a Dream was the pick of our Simmental bull calves five years ago. He’s big topped, large scrotaled, with bone and great muscle shape. His dam B75, has been a top producer for us. She raised this calf at 17 years old. He weaned off at 712# with no creep and she was fat when she came home. A wise cattleman once told me if you love the cow, breed one of her sons and you’ll replicate her. There is performance with power in this pedigree. We couldn’t be more pleased with the daughters he’s left us. They are functional, big ribbed, thick made cattle with performance. A couple years ago his calves averaged higher than any other sire group, averaging over $7,000.


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We fell in love with Hard as Steel in John’s Grass to Grid Sale, Jeannie fell in love with him before she fell in love with John! With a 70# BW, 15.67 REA, and a 40.5 yearling scrotal he was one you could like off of paper but he got better after a visual analysis. He is a female maker that is huge bodied with fleshing ability and style. He has sired many of our top-sellers and herd sires including Yardley Utah and Yardley Powerhouse. Owned with Curt Suehner, and Griswold Cattle Company. His mother has been in ET at Griswolds; she is one of the best cows that they purchased from Tim Ohlde. Hard As Steel cost us $12,000.


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Great cattle are built by great cow families and the E119 cow family has been one of the most profitable we have ever owned. It doesn’t matter the generation E119 falls back through on the pedigree chart, they are destined to be good. N130 is a daughter of K114, E119’s best daughter and both donors. All three of these great females have produced sale toppers, the quality doesn’t get any better. Ensign is a bull that stuck out as soon as you walked in the pen. With plenty of rib, bone and power along with the look it takes to make class winners and sale toppers. He’s the real deal and we couldn’t be more excited about him!


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Wah Wah was the pick of our herd for our next herd sire in our bull battery. With his flawless phenotype that combines a massive hind quarter with a big top, deep chest, smooth shoulder, big hoof and ideal leg set in a unique blend of power and softness. He has an equally impressive set of weights with a huge spread from 78# at birth to 764# at weaning. His quiet disposition and awesome pedigree trace back to our herd matriarch and donor E119, is filled with equally impressive herd matrons and make Wah Wah the complete package and impeccable addition to our bull battery.