Angus Sires

SAV Patron 4888

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This great $20,000 bull is bred to make a lasting contribution in all traits of magnitude and backed by one of the strongest and most proven maternal generations of elite pathfinders and has a track record second to none. She has 13 daughters featured in the SAV herd and 39 progeny featured in past SAV sales. She is the favorite cow of Bob Watkins, Kelly Schaff’s right hand man. Her progeny include some of the heaviest 205 day weights in several of their sales. Patron has held his flesh and stayed fatter than about any yearling bull we have raised. His prolific Pathfinder granddam is still going strong and raising calves at 18 years of age. I picked this bull as one of the top bulls that I liked in the famous Schaff Angus Valley Sale.

SAV Synergy 4155

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Synergy is in a league all his own, with as much power, presence, and wow factor as you can put in an Angus bull. He is stylish, superfronted with muscle shape, stoutness and a powerful rump beyond compare. He could be the next major factor for siring cattle that can compete at any level. His pedigree is backed by the best cows in the business and his numbers tell the rest. His maternal brother was a top selling feature in the 2013 SAV Sale. His granddam is a full sister to the SAV Blackcap May. This was a favorite of all the visitors from Schaffs this summer. His daughters are as big bodied and stout made as any Angus we have encountered. Due to an untimely accident, SAV Synergy is now deceased with limited semen available.


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Summit’s Genetic Line Images

Yardley Summit is the result of a life time of breeding the best to the best. The University of Wyoming judging team just visited our ranch at Christmas time. They were amazed by the amount of width, depth, bone and style of this purebred wonder. Caleb Boardman, their coach, commented he was one of the best Angus bulls he had encountered. His dam is one of the prettiest made, stylish females–the kind you could build a whole herd around. She produced $5,750 feature Cashmere that sold to Rick Dunson of Ohio, and is a maternal sister to Yardley Cover Girl, selected by our good friend Kasey Rowser of Wellsville Utah for $4,500. Let Yardley Summit help take your herd quality to new heights.


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Royal Jet is the type of bull that defines where we are taking our program. Soft made cattle that carry performance, thickness, fleshing ability, and style. OCC Jet Stream is now deceased, he stands as one of Ohlde’s greatest herd sires. Look at the performance this bull carries coupled with a perfect phenotype. This is as good as Angus bull as you will find anyplace. We have used him to clean up our Angus heifers, cows, and crossed him up on Simmentals and Maines. The results are the same: sound made functional cattle with eye appeal and performance. Royal Jet is the type of bull that will add belly, rib, and doablity, without taking pounds away from your bottom line.


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Zion’s dam has been one of our very top producers, she does not miss. Zion was a bull that stood out as a top individual from the time we weaned. He had as much rib, rear quarter, power and overall mass as any bull in the pen. We just weaned his first calf crop, they have performance and eye appeal. He was severely hurt as a yearling, we babied him along for a solid year and he recovered. He is as pretty a mature bull as you could picture with the pedigree and performance to stand out from the crowd.


If you are interested in Apache Brave, please call Steven at 435-310-1725 for availability.

Apache Brave is going to go down as one of the greatest sires of Yardley Cattle Co. His progeny are top of the pen with several of his progeny selling for over $10,000. He is an easy calving sire that produces cattle that have look and style. Grass fat cattle are what we need to breed. He always maintained his flesh while breeding cows and he wasn’t a bull that needed to primped and pampered. Apache was a moderator that kept performance and bred depth and rib into his progeny.

Owned with Matt Sherwood.


Contact Steven at 435-310-1725 for more information and availability.