We went to the Denver Stockshow and wanted to buy the Simmental Purebred we liked the best. We looked at about all of them there. There are so many bulls of all breeds that have bad feet and a lot of people aren’t paying any attention to it. Their hooves are either too small or many of them have outside back toes that curl under or else they toe out on front. We have tried to watch this very closely because our cows have to walk and trail the year around as many of yours do. We finally found one at the last minute. He looked good every place you looked at him with no holes in him and the best feet we had seen on any bull in the show. We had to catch a plane to go home and we gave them a check for $25,000 for him about 3 or 4 minutes before he was to show and left for the airport. HE WAS PICKED GRAND CHAMPION SIMMENTAL OF THE SHOW! He is one of the deepest made bold ribbed Simmentals we have encountered.