• Heritage: 3/4 Maine-Anjou
  • Registry: 453502
  • Sire: BK Zook 588Z
  • Dam: Miss Yardley X18
  • Sold in units of 5 (a quantity of 1 will get you 5 units, a quantity of 2 will get you 10 units, etc.)


Big Step brings the necessary characteristics to not only change your herd but to change the entire Maine Anjou breed. He has a massive hip, huge top, exceptional bone and foot structure, and exceptional depth and spring of rib. He is flat-jointed and moves out with the prowess of a cat, has a giant set of testicles and an exceptionally quiet personality. Big Step’s power and performance are equally impressive. 787#WW to 1,517#YW, the second highest yearling weight on our ranch. His moderate made impecable uddered dam is a real asset to our program. His sire Buck Cowboy was Jirl Buck’s high performance, power bull and has proven his ability to transmit high performance on his first calf crop which averaged over 710#WW and 1,340#YWs. He was selected as our $12,000 lead off Maine-Anjou by astute cattleman Doug Roxburgh of Dun Right Stock and Stables, Alberta Canada.